Positions Available

B737NG Capt - subsidiary of major Chinese airline, with large expansion in international city location - increasing high remuneration and variety of roster options from resident through to 50/50 balanced commuting rosters. 

Monthly commuting or reverse schedule from home contracts with one of China’s largest airlines:

A330 Capt, B787 Capt, B777 Capt

Following are some of the best pilot career development opportunities in the contract pilot world, with proven widebody transition training provided, monthly commuting or reverse schedule from home contracts with China’s largest airline.

A320 Capt to A330 Capt, B737NG Capt to B787 or B777 Capt

B737NG / Max Capt - with a well established, successful and expanding Chinese airline in excellent internationalised location with great packages from high remuneration, through to balanced commuting rosters. This is a favoured airline for many foreign Capts.

A320 Capt – Variety of packages from high remuneration resident, through to 50/50 balanced commuting rosters, with a quality conscious expanding airline in China in a good internationalised city location.

If you are interested in any of the above positions please contact us!